What is this all about ..??

Hi - and welcome to my site.
please excuse my english and my site if it doesn't function properly - I have never done a site like this before and have no training.
Originally this was ment to be a site for my friends and family, but hey - why not share with everyone who would be interested??
This is where you will be able to follow me around on this big and beautiful planet - updating as I go.
I don't know exactly where and for how long I will be travelling, but the adventure has begun: i went to Greenland last year for 5 months and this year I visited South Africa for 3 months.
When will be next? Whenever I have managed to save up enough money!
I have a lot of goals, wishes and dreams for these trips - personal, challanging,for charity and for fun.
Mayby you have a way of helping me to reach my goals??
But for now, enjoy my site ..and mayby find out what it is all about !!