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I have no idea of what I am laughing about!


*If there is such a thing as normal - I guess I am  ...*

As a makeup artist in the moviebusiness, I had a lot of fun and stange adventures. Ufortunately it was a very long way to get to get to live from it. I wasn't tough enough, and after 10 years in the business I gave up. Time to find myself another wa f living.
But that's not easy!

After a many thourghts, that took me back to the joy in my childhood, I found my way through the stress, an reunited with the joy from animals, nature, writing, painting helping others, see new things and leard new stuff.
- I also found a side of myself, that i hadn't noticed before. I like getting a bit scared. i like to feel the adrenalin pumping.
 I have to explore this!

Now it is time for the beautyful planet earth, to see what i can offer back to mother nature and what she will offer me.....

After all these thoughts I decided to close down my business, sell my car, take care of my depts, get a job to save up money -  then quit it....
and leave!